A new film by Andrey Khrzhanovsky will be financed by cinema foundation

On 1st of December a council of Cinema Foundation has chosen a list of projects which will be financed in 2020. One of these projects is a new film by Andrey Khrzhanovsky “Through the magic crystal”
The work will be based on the story about life and destiny of the hero against the background of the country’s life, and both lives could not be separated. A contemporary life that is shown through the times because the evidences and facts of today’s life will be seen in tightly interlacing with characters of XX, XXI and earlier centuries.
A new film should become a final part of trilogy. Because it continues the same work – creative and research – which was started in previous films – “A Room and a Half” and “The Nose or the Conspiracy of Maverick”.
It is planned that the new work of Andrey Khrzhanovsky will be released in 2026.

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