The barber of seville (1994)

  • Director N. Dabija
  • Script by libretto C. Sturbine
  • Art director N. Vinogradov
  • Producers E. Babakhina, R. Zinnurov, C. Grace, M. Shields, K. Ros
  • Technique puppet, color
  • Duration 28 min.
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Language English
  • Date of completion 1994
  • Audience adult


The screen version of the opera by J. Rossini after the plot of the comedy by Beaumarchais. The hero of the opera Figaro is barber, a musician, an inexhaustible fiction writer for all sorts of pranks. He is called to help the noble Earl Almaviva to marry the beautiful Rosina.

Created with BBC

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