Course “Direction of animation films”

Course duration – 2 years.
Mode of study – full-time
Tel .: +7 (499) 350 41 01
Tel.: +7 (916) 656 42 35

Students with higher / incomplete higher education or specialized secondary specialized education with creative abilities are accepted.
Admission is based on the results of the preliminary correspondence creative contest and examinations (for more details see the “Admission” section).

Classes are conducted in the following subjects:
Direction, animation art, anthology of world animation, drama, pantomime, fine film decision, sound film solution, acting and plastic arts, music,
Psychology of creativity, montage, copyright.

Workshops are mastered by: Andrei Khrzhanovsky, Elena Chernova, Alexei Demin, Ivan Maximov.

Classes are: N. Lukinih, O. Dorman, M. Tumelya, V. Vyshegorodtsev, T. Krugovyh, V. Skrylev, and others.

In the process of training, students perform coursework, after graduation – a thesis film.

Training is paid. Tuition fee: 420,000 rubles for two years.

At the end of the theoretical course and the defense of the thesis, a document is issued on the formation of an established sample with the assignment of the qualification “Director of Animated Cinema.”

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