iniyana lightIn and Yana

Directors Oleg Uzhinov, Anton Dyakov

Educational entertainment series for the whole family.

The series is about a young girl named Yana and her friend an alien named Yin who came to Earth in search of a universal kind of fuel for himself and his flying saucer - the information. In every episode Yin and Yana explore our planet, find out about traditions and customs of different peoples and cultures, and study different aspects of human life. family, profession, clothes, games, fighting and making up, life and death, art and language, etc.

The mission of the series is to tell children about the modern world, about the different ways of thinking and understanding the most important elements of reality in cultures. 

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

General information

Episode length: 11 minutes

Technique: 2D computer animation 

Format: animated series

Audience: 6+ family

Genre: Educational entertainment / Discovery / Comedy / Adventure

Project state: 3 episodes produced, 49 episodes in development

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. 





 semiya 1 semiya 2 semiya 4





Directors: Oleg Uzhinov, Anton Dyakov

Scriptwriters: Anton Berezin, Anton Dyakov, Vladimir Sakhnovsky

Art-director: Anton Dyakov

Music by: Alexey Gallyamov

Consultants: Ludmila Ulickaya, Andrey Khrzhanovsky

Producer: Lyubov Gaidukova


Suzdal Animation Festival (Russia, 2015)


Prize for the Best Series for children at Suzdal Animation Festival (Russia, 2015)