Producer. Screenwriter. Artist. Animator.
Member of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts “Nika”.
Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

The owner of “Nicky”, “Golden Eagle” and many other Russian and international awards.
Entering the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors, he made the famous film “Attraction”. Most of his work is done in a soft watercolor drawing. His films are often touching, meditative and sad. Those who once loved the work of Alexei Demin, remain his fans forever. Among his works – “Quiet story”, “Cats in the Rain”, “Boatel”, an episode from the project “Mountain of gems” “Fisherman Oskus-Ool”, “Shatalo”. Each of these films was seen in its own way and prized.
“At his cinema, you learn to be open when you make your film, be yourself, be attentive to detail, be attentive to the actor’s play of characters …” (c) Anya Romanova, student of the animation course at the School-studio “SHAR” (2012) .
– Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (1978-83)
– All-Union Institute for Advanced Training of Press Workers (1987)
– Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors, Workshop FS. Khitruk and E.V. Nazarova (1992)
Professional activity
He worked as an artist in the newspaper, was the author of many illustrated publications, the head of the editorial staff at the Russian Language Institute. A. Pushkin, designer of a computer laboratory.
In 1997 and 2001 he worked at the Animation Film Studio in Annecy (France). Co-author of the design concept of the ICF “CROC” and the All-Russian Animation Festival in Tarusa (Suzdal).
1992 The fifth leg
1994 The sixth day
1995 Attraction
1997 The history of the Moscow kings (in the cycle Optimus Mundus)
1998 Father
1998 The Kings
2001 Cats in the Rain
2003 Quiet story
2006 Buatel
2007 Fisherman Oskus-Ool
2009 Ochumelov
2010 Shatalo
2011 Celebration for elephants