School-studio “SHAR” has more than 20-year successful experience of creating world-class animation films. In the structure of teachers and graduates of “SHAR” – leaders of the industry: writers, directors, artists, animators. School-studio “SHAR” has its own production base, effective administrative apparatus.

The school-studio “SHAR” offers the following services:

  • Production of animated films, commercials, television screensavers, animated fragments for TV shows and documentaries.

Perhaps as the production of the film “turnkey”, and individual operations:

  • The development of ideas and the creation of a scenario;
  • The development of characters, an iconic solution;
  • animation;
  • Sound, music and sound design.

We will be happy to help you in creating and promoting your animation project!

The school-studio “SHAR” conducts master classes on the creation of animated films on large open (city-wide, within the framework of festivals) and corporate events, at children’s parties. Experienced masters have extensive experience working with children and adult audiences, equipment, and are able to make the master class an unforgettable, exciting and positive event.


Tel: +7 (499) 350 41 01;

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