Films of School-studio “SHAR”are at the Zvezda theatre.


Dear friends, we are glad to announce that on June 1, on Children’s Day, Zvezda theatre will feature movies of School –studio “SHAR”. It will take place within a cinema club of Z-shorts short films. You will see animated films of graduates and film directors of School-studio “SHAR” which have got a confession at Russian and International Film Festivals:

“Little Bird” (Director: Ekaterina Filippova)

“A Wolf And a Ship” (Director: Nataliya Grebenkina)

“The Square” (Director: Yakov Krugovyh)

“Yin And Yana. Forbidden Food” (Director: Oleg Uzhinov)

“Nana, Nani, Nao” (Director: Konstantin Brilliantov)

“Artist and Hooligans” (Director: Anna Romanova, Ivan Maksimov)

“A Tin Can” (Director: Tatyana Kiseleva)

“One Turtle “(Director: Anna Romanova)

“Hard to Be a Sparrow” (Director: Daria Vyatkina)

“The Cello” (Director: Tatiana Kurnaeva)

“Hamlet. Comedy.” (Director: Eugeniy Fadeev)

Time and place:

On June 1, 11:00, Zvezda theatre (st. Zemlyanoy val, 18/21).

Free admission.

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