“Bricks”, “Creation” and “Outskirts” at the Kinoproba Festival

Immediately three films: “Bricks”, “Creation” and “Outskirts” were in the competition of student films of the International Festival-Practice of Film Schools “Kinoproba”.

This is the diploma work of graduates of the School-Studio “SHAR”.

More details about the directors and animation pictures:
“Bricks” – director Ekaterina Kireeva.

Katya is a graduate of the course “Animation”. Having received the diploma of the animator in 2015, Katya immediately entered the course of animation directing. “Bricks” is a thesis work done in the course of training on a director’s course.

This film is a parable about how to remain yourself despite all the imposed rules.
“Creation” – director Julia Baygulova.

Julia finished the course “Directing animation film” in 2015.

Creation – thesis work. The film entered the long list of the Golden Eagle movie award.

God, having created all the most necessary and pleasing to the eyes and ears, decided to take a break from his labors. And everything would be fine if it were not for an accident …
“Outskirts” – director Alexander Vasilyev.

Sasha entered the course “Directing Animated Cinema” in 2015.

Outskirts – course work. A film about children’s perception of everyday things. The boy lives in a house by the ravine and ensures the stability and security of the entire World on a daily basis.

“Kinoproba” is a unique festival! It’s not so much a festival-contest, a festival-holiday, as a festival-workshop, where the programs of different schools from different countries are presented.

More information about the festival read on the site

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