“SHAR” invites to attend a children’s master class on the creation of cartoons.

On the 25 th of August at 12:00 in the Museum of Cinema.
Together with the teacher, the children will invent the story of their cartoon, will distribute their roles in the creation of characters and animation environment, where their story will unfold. They’ll learn how to animate multi heroes, select musical accompaniment to the advancement of the story, and bring all of this together during the editing process.
To take part in the master class will be able for 10 children. As a result, participants will receive a self-created cartoon, where their authorship will be indicated in the credits, and they will get an idea of ​​how their favorite cartoons are created.
Moderator: Milana Safonova, a graduate of the school-studio “SHAR”, director-animator. She makes classes of cartoon-therapy for children with developmental features.
Free entrance!
Don’t you still know how to make a cartoon? We promise to fix it!
Details can be found on the website of the Museum of Cinema

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