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Why is it worth to read the book “About mice and magic”? Not only because it was translated by Fyodor Khitruk! This is a real gift for future animators and fans of animation films! The history of American drawing animation of the twentieth century. Author Leonard Moltin.

Fedor Savelievich independently translated “About mice and magic” and constantly applied as a teaching aid in his classes with students. It became possible to publish the book only now, thanks to the project “I believe that the publication of this book will be an event for our national animation. In combination with illustrations, these texts can give a detailed movement of animated thought. This book will be necessary for everyone, regardless of what art program he professes … “. Y. B. Nortshein

Our masters of the book (Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Ivan Maximov, Mikhail Tumelya):

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The book will go on sale at the end of September 2018.

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