Special presentation of works by Leonid Shmelkov

On the 3rd of February, a special screening of works by Leonid Shmelkov, a graduate, director and teacher of the School-studio“SHAR”, will take place in the children’s Pioneer film lecture cinema.

Leonid Shmelkov will show several of his cartoons and tell about each from the moment the idea appeared to its realization and difficulties in production, and also will share plans for the future.

The program includes cartoons: “Dog Playground”, “Jump-Jump”, “Very Lonely Rooster”, “Grushepad”, “Vezuha” and “Lola the Living Potato”.
After viewing, guests will be able to see and discuss the first series of his new series, solve riddles and draw pictures in his books with tasks “Yba-sea” and “Yba-man”.


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