School-studio ‘SHAR’ application is open

School-studio ‘SHAR’ begins accepting applicants for the 2019-2021 academic years for the courses Direction of Animated Film, and Animation.

Entrance examinations consist of 2 stages:

Stage I. Creative portfolio competition.
Applications for the creative competition are accepted online to August 30 (until 5PM).
To participate in a creative competition, you must send a portfolio and fill out an application form.
Portfolio requirements, and a form are here

Your application form and creative portfolio (PDF format, attachments, or a link to cloud storage) should be sent to the Head of the Training Ekaterina Golyakova by e-mail

Stage II. Examinations.
Entrants who have successfully passed the creative competition are allowed to take exams. Examinations are held in person at the School-Studio ‘SHAR’ in Moscow.
The Direction of Animated Film exams – September, 2019.
The Animation exams – September, 2019.

Exam dates may vary. Actual information will be posted on the website.

Requirements for applicants:
For admission to the course Direction of animated film are allowed persons over 18 y.o. who have a Bachelor degree, a Magister degree, or an Associate degree.
For admission to the course Animation are allowed persons over 18 y.o. who have good drawing skills.
Education is paid. Tuition 300 000 rubles per year.

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