About me (2005)

  • Director Maria Sosnina
  • Script Maria Sosnina
  • Art-director Maria Sosnina
  • Producer Liubov Gaydukova, Sergey Mirzaev
  • Technique drawn
  • Duration 4 min 40sec
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Language Russian
  • Subtitles English
  • Color color
  • Audience children, any
  • Date of completion 2005


Film based on a short story by K. Dragunskaya. If you are a red-haired girl, all grown ups will pick on you. Fortunately there are also your class-mates about, who are real friends. With them at one’s side who is afraid of a teacher?

Film was shot with the financial support of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of Russian Federation.



  • Goyang International Children Film Festival (South Korea, 2006)
  • Suzdal Animation Film Festival (Russia, 2006)
  • Big Cartoon Festival (Russia, 2007)


  • 2nd Prize, Festival of Students and Debut Films «St. Anna» (Russia, 2006)
  • Diploma «For the Most Positively Animated Movie», All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts «Orlyonok» (Russia, 2006)
  • Diploma, International Festival of Animation Films KROK (Russia-Ukraine, 2006)

Maria Sosnina
Liubov Gaydukova, Sergey Mirzaev

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