Battleship (2005)

  • Director Sergey Antonov
  • Script Sergey Antonov
  • Art-director Sergey Antonov
  • Producer Sergey Mirzaev
  • Technique drawn
  • Duration 4 min 40 sec
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Language Russian
  • Subtitles English
  • Color color
  • Audience children, any
  • Date of completion 2005


After a poem by Boris Zakhoder. Quite an ordinary school lesson may become the field of serious warfare. And who is to win is yet to be found out…

Film was shot with the financial support of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of Russian Federation.



  • Zlín Film Festival (Czech Republic, 2005)
  • New York International Children’s Film Festival (USA, 2005)

Sergey Antonov
Sergey Mirzaev

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