Canterbury tales (2000)

  • Directors E. Potton, D.Antropas, M. Grace, D. Quin, V. Ugarov, S. Olifirenko, D. Goscan, A. Zyablikova, E. Gardner, Daniel Maurice
  • >Script J. Mares on maths works by J. Chaucer
  • Art directors E. Potton, O. Titova, E. Gardner, M. Leskova, E. Bogolyubova, J. Bilenheim, M. Drey
  • Producers E. Babakhina, R. Zinnurov, K. Jennings, K. Yunwin, R. Price
  • Technique rerun, color, puppet
  • Duration 1 hour. 22 min.
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Language Russian
  • Date of completion 2000
  • Audience adult


Going to Canterbury to bow the relics of Thomas Beckett, the pilgrims tell their stories to each other in order to pass the time along the way, and the judge of their choice decides whose story is better.

Created with BBC

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