Khelom customs (2005)

  • Director Irina Litmanovich
  • Script Irina Litmanovich
  • Art-director Irina Litmanovich
  • Producer Sergey Mirzaev
  • Technique cut-outs animation
  • Duration 4 min 45 sec
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Language no dialogue
  • Color color
  • Audience any
  • Date of completion 2005


Loosely based on the poem “Customs of the town of Khelom” by Ovsey Driz. Sadly making fun of the fact that problems never have any end to them.

Film was shot with the financial support of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of Russian Federation.




  • Prize «Silver Warsaw Phoenix», International Film Festival «Jewish motifs» (Poland, 2006)
  • 3rd Prize, Festival of Students and Debut Films «St. Anna» (Russia, 2006)
  • Diploma «For Humor and Absurdity» in the category «Thesis work», International Film International Festival of Animation Films KROK (Russia-Ukraine, 2006)

Irina Litmanovich
Sergey Mirzaev
cut-outs animation

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