Series funny biographies (2015)

  • Directors A. Turkus, D. Kupriyanov, D. Semenov, A. Ignatenko, E. Obraztsova, L. Pozhidaev
  • Script A. Turkus, D. Kupriyanov, A. Ignatenko, D. Semenov B. Goldansky, L. Pozhidaev, E. Obraztsova, A. Shelmanov
  • Art directors L. Pozhidaev, D. Kupriyanov, O. Bogolyubova, A. Troitskaya, V. Chelak, D. Pozhidaeva, A. Shelmanov
  • Producers E. Babakhina, N. Dabija
  • Technique drawn, color
  • Duration 1 our 25 min.
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Language Russian
  • Date of completion 2015
  • Audience adult


The cycle of 13 cartoons, telling about the life of famous scientists and artists

The film was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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