Series testament. Thebible in the animation (1996)

  • Directors Y. Kulakov, G. Beda, V. Ugarov, L. Koshkina, N. Dabija, A. Zyablikova
  • Script N. Ford, M. Wats, B. Sibley, J. Myerson, El. Laird, R. Everett
  • Art directors V. Chuguevsky, Y. Timokhova, G. Bede, B. Moiseev, I. Oleynikov, L. Koshkina
  • Producers R. Zinnurov, K. Grace
  • Technique drawn, color, puppet
  • Duration 3 hours 56 min
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Language Russian
  • Date of completion 1996
  • Audience adult


Bible stories, translated into the language of animation jointly by leading Russian and English animators.

Created with BBC

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