She Loved Many Things

  • Director Anastasia Saveleva
  • Script Anastasia Saveleva
  • Art-director Anastasia Saveleva
  • Producer Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Nikolay Makovsky
  • Technique drawn animation, cut-out
  • Duration 05 min 00 sec
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Language no dialogue
  • Color color
  • Audience any
  • Delivery date 2021


Based on the eponymous tale by Tonino Guerra.The Old Lady loved many things during her life. But now all the things and memories that she collected through all these years don’t make her happy but became more like a heavy burden. After moving to Assisi the Old Lady falls in love with the local cathedral and donates her things that she once cherished so much in order to save the cathedral.

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