Was born in the city of Dolgoprudny in 1984.

Graduated from the Art College in memory of 1905, specializing in “theater artist”.
From 2006 to 2011 she was a student at VGIK.
Since 2011, is studying at the School-studio “SHAR” at the department of “animation direction”.
“Gambling” 2007
“The Road to Bethlehem” 2007, director
“Bridge” 2009, director
“Pages of fear” 2010, director
“My Strange Grandpa” 2011, director
“Road to Bethlehem”
Festival “Frescoes of the North”
Prize them. Writer Belov for the best script
Festival of arts “April”
III Festival of Puppet Animated Cinema, Montreal, Canada
Prize “For the best student film”
VIII European International Festival of Animated Films “Balkanima”, Belgrade, Serbia
Special prize “For the connection of animation techniques in creating the atmosphere of the film”
Festival Se-ma-for, Lodz, Poland
Participation in the competitive program
VII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival
Prize “For the best animated film”
35th Anniversary International Animated Film Festival Annecy-2011
Participation in the competition of student films
7th International Charity Festival
“Radiant Angel”
Diploma in the nomination “For the relevance of the topic”
8th International Animated Film Festival “Tindirindis”
Diploma “For a touching family history”
3rd All-Russian Festival of Author’s Cinema (ARTKINO)
Winner in the nomination “Best Animated Film”
The 15th All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts “Eaglet”
3rd place in the nomination “Directors of the 21st Century”
17th Open Festival of Student and Debut Films “Saint Anna”
The second prize of the competition of animated films
15th Russian Open Animated Film Festival in Suzdal
Prize for the best student film
29th International Festival of VGIK
Diploma for the interpretation of modern parables.
Pages of Fear
X Festival of student films “Piterkit”, St. Petersburg
Best Animation Film;
IFCF Debuts
The prize for the best animated film;
16th International Festival of Children’s Animated Cinema “Goldfish”
Prize in the nomination “Best student work”
V International Film Festival. Andrei Tarkovsky’s “The Mirror”
Prize “Hope”;
16th Russian Open Animated Film Festival in Suzdal
Special jury prize “For a new solution to the anti-war theme”;
30th International Festival of VGIK
Diploma “For courage and skill”;

“My strange grandfather”
31st International Festival of VGIK
The prize for the best animated film
17th Russian Open Animated Film Festival in Suzdal
Prize for the best puppet film
14th International Festival of Student Film in Tel Aviv
The prize for the best animated film
12th Festival “The Unseen Cinema” in Tallinn
Prize “Bronze frame”
XXI International Film Forum “Golden Knight”
Diploma “For the best student work”
Participation in the festival in Oberhausen