Producer. Screenwriter. Artist. Animator. The teacher.
Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.
Member of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts “Nika”.

Laureate of numerous Russian and international festivals, including the Window to Europe in Vyborg, the International Film Festival in Berlin (the Golden Bear for the best short film), the Nika Prize and many, many others.
One of the most extraordinary representatives of modern Russian animation, a man who invented his own original style of image, unmistakably guessed at viewing the first frames of the film. Illustrator of newspapers, magazines, books. The creator of logos and company characters.
– Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1976-82)
– Higher courses of directors and screenwriters, workshop A.Yu. Khrzhanovsky and V.M. Ugarova
Professional activity
At the beginning of his creative career, Ivan worked as an illustrator in various magazines (Quant, Energia, Sputnik), a photographer at the Institute of Biophysics of the Academy of Medical Sciences, an engineer at the Space Research Institute, a cartoonist in the Vremya novostei newspaper.
In 1986, I accidentally learned about the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors, where I entered. For his first course work received the “Golden Bear” and “Nick”, for a diploma – the prize “Fipressi” in Oberhausen.
The creator of the home studio of computer graphics and animation “Virtual studio IVAN MAXIMOV PRODUCTION”.
1989 From left to right
1990 5/4
1992 Bolero
1992 Provincial School
1993 N + 2
1994 Libido Benjamin
1996 Threads
1997 Two trams
2000 Rear passes of the city of Vyborg
2001 Boat and Fenya
2003 Slow bistro
2004 Wind along the shore
2005 The Flood
2005 Tunneling
2007 Rain from the top down
2008 Additional Features Piglet
2010 Tides to and fro
2012 Out of Game
The artist-of-cartoon
– The newspaper “Time MN”
– Newspaper Vremya Novostey
Pedagogical activity
– Riga Video Center
– School-studio “SHAR” (since 2004)
TV projects and advertising

– Creator of logos and characters, author and director of a number of video clips (including “Luba”, 2001 – MFFF “Krok” prize), commercials, TV sets for MTV channel
– The artist of the TV project “Restaurant rating” (TV-6 channel)
– Director, art director of the computer game “Full Pipe”, screen savers for MTV (2004, based on the game “Full Pipe”)
– Was shot in the film from the series “World of Animation or Animation of the World”