Director, screenwriter, artist, animator.
Participant and winner of many international film festivals.
In 2005, Leonid Shmelkov graduated from Moscow State University of Printing with a degree in book illustration. In 2009, he graduated from the School-studio SHAR with a degree in animation directing, and from 2016 he’s been studiyng at the Department of Animation of the Estonian Academy of Arts, where Professor Priit Pärn’s teaches the Animation programme.
Professional activity:
Leonid Shmelkov worked as a director of animated series at the studios ‘Metronom Film’, ‘The Parovoz’, ‘Ricky, ‘Soyuzmultfilm’ and others.
As well Leonid Shmelkov collaborated with various publishing houses as an illustrator. He has been working as a Teacher in Direction at the School-studio ‘SHAR’ since 2018.
Leonid Shmelkov’s an author of animated films:
Stop (2007)
Dog-walking ground (2009)
Hopfrog (2012)
My Own Personal Moose (2013)
Very Lonely Cock (2015)
Pearfall (2017)
Lola the Living Potato (2018)
Cucumbers (in production, School-studio ‘SHAR’)
Leonid Shmelkov as well worked on animated series:
Cartoon series ‘Luck!’: ‘We are all aliens on this earth’ (2010), ‘Whale Love’ (2010), etc. (director, animator);
cartoon series ‘Ying and Yana’: ‘Forbidden Food’ (2015) (animator);
cartoon series ‘Mi-Mi-Bears’ (director);
a number of commercials, including the ‘X Big Cartoon Film Festival’ promo reel (2016) (director, animator);
cartoon series ‘Spoils’: ‘How to make friends with your failure’ (2019) (director, production designer).