Producer. Animator. Artist. Screenwriter. The teacher.
Member of the International Association of Animators (ASIFA).
One of the founders of Belarusian animation. Specialist in hand-drawn, puppet, sand animation, 2D computer rewriting.
He worked at the largest studios in Russia, USA, Hungary, Korea, Japan.


Creative credo
The art of animation reveals to us worlds that have little contact with the surrounding reality. But the more closely we observe the real manifestations of life, we sensually pass them through ourselves and concentrate reproduce these impressions frame by frame, the more chances we have to create our new exciting world, in the reality of which both the child and the sophisticated moviegoer will believe.
– Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Architecture (1980-85).
– Higher courses of scriptwriters and directors, workshop of E.V. Nazarova and Yu.B. Norshtein (1987-88 gg.)
Professional activity
– to / from “Belarusfilm”
– Minsk studio “AF-Center”
– studio “Will Winton” (Portland, USA), animated plot “Prince’s Shoes” for TV-series “Alice in Wonderland” – set designer, animator.
1988 Marathon
Together with A. Petrov
1988 Devil (in the movie-almanac “Kroki”)
Together with S. Kishov
1989 One minute
1991 Lift-3 (movie almanac)
Together with R. Gazizov, I. Kovalev, A. Tatarsky, M. Aldashin
1991 Song of Wolfgang the fearless, illustrious dragon-winner
1992 Lift-4
Together with M. Radaev, S. Ushakov
1998 The Magic Pipe
2000 Ball
2006 The Unbending Chen
2008 Belarusian proverbs
2010 Paper Patterns
2011 Belarusian Sayings-2
2011 The Tale of Past Years – 4
– Kvass “Hatni” (scriptwriter, director, art director, animator)
1st place in the nomination “Television and film advertising” of the 1st festival of Belarusian-language advertising AD.NAK (Minsk, 2007)
– “Schwarzkopf New Year” (director A.Petrov) – “Schwarzkopf” (animatic, rough animation, special effects, compositing)
– Kvass “Starezhytny” (scriptwriter)
2 nd place in the nomination “Television and film advertising” of the II festival of Belarusian-language advertising AD.NAK (Minsk, 2011)
Pedagogical activity
– Animation courses at the studios “AF-Center”, “Belarusfilm” (Minsk), “Troitsky Bridge” (St. Petersburg)
– Courses at the studio “Alexander Petrov’s Workshop” (Yaroslavl)
– Master-class and teaching in the animation school “Laputa” (Tokyo)
– C / s “Belarusfilm” (Minsk)
– Department of Directing TV and Cinema BGAI (Associate Professor); Curator of the course in the specialty “Directing. Animation activities »
– School-studio “SHAR” (since 2011).
TV projects
– Leader of the TV program “MultiClub” on Belarusian TV (1994-2005).
– Was shot in the documentary series “World of Animation or Animation of the World” (2001)
– “Factory of Miracles” (series “Director-animator”, 2005), “Weightless Life” (2006)
Methodical aids
– “Everything you would like to learn about phasing, but were afraid to ask” (studio “Pilot”, Moscow, 1998)
– Finalization of the educational programs “Animation” and “Technique of animation”, not completed by O.P. Belousov
– Graduation work “Methods of mastering the concepts of the hierarchical relationship of the types of animation for the animation students (based on the course of classical animation)”