Script writer, documentary film director, producer
In 1983, he entered the studio of Marlen Khutsiev (VGIK), did not pass by age, and entered the correspondence department in the scenario studio of S. Lungin and L. Golubkina.
After serving in the army, he moved to the full-time department of the scenario faculty (workshop of V.Chernykh and L.Kozhinova), and then to M.Khutsiev’s director’s studio, which he graduated with honors in 1993.
Professional activity
He worked as an assistant for editing and assistant director at the Film Studio. M. Gorky.
Published radio plays, translations of English prose and drama, as well as articles about the movie.
He translated the master class of K. Kieslevsky (the publishing house Kinocenter and Internews) and articles about him (K. Zanussi “Farewell”, H. Weinstein “To drink and smoke in Los Angeles”) – links to the texts on http: / / Translations of English prose (translation of Woody Allen’s prose “Foreign Literature” No. 1, 2001, Woody Allen’s book “Jokes of the Lord” and Woody Allen’s playbook “Riverside Drive”) and dramaturgy, As well as articles about cinema (in particular, an article about M.M. Khutsiev, a note about VI Yusov, printed in the “Screen and Scene”, an article about SL Lungin in the newspaper “Russian Cape” s “memories of Tariverdiev for the book” I just live “).
Translation of the master class by K. Kieslowski (publishing house “Kinotsentr” and “Internews”) and articles about Kieslowski (K.Zanussi “Farewell”, H.Vainstein “To drink and smoke in Los Angeles”).
Co-author of music for the film Marlen Khutsiev “Infinity”. The author of promotional films.
1988-1989 – “Study lighting” (gaming; Diploma at VGIK, dedicated to Georges Méliès)
1990 – “Remembering the Ranevskaya” (documentary, “Display”, 2 Series, Joint with A. Gabrilovich..)
1991 – “My friend is a snitch” (doc.)
1995 – “The Desire to Know” (doc.)
1995 – “Evgeny Agranovich: the winner” (doc.)
1996 – “Your Voice” (doc., 2 series)
1997 – “The Journal of the Truant” (doc., 5 series)
2003 – “Joseph Brodsky. One and a half cat “(second director)
2007 – “Rebe at the airport” (doc.)
2008 – “Substrings” (doc., 15 series, in production since 1997)
2012 – “Note” (doc., Dedicated to Rudolf Barshai)

September 25, 2010 declined from the special prize of the Academy of “Taffy” Russian television, stating in an open letter that was read from the scene of the Mikhailovsky Theater, which hosted the ceremony “Taffy”
Organizers of the “Taffy” decided to give the award TV channel “Culture”, which aired the film.
Pedagogical activity
Since 2013. Conducts a drama workshop at the Moscow School of New Cinema
Since 2014. Teaches dramaturgy in the School-studio “SHAR”