Was born on September 14, 1966.

1996 – animated screensaver and design for the transfer of “Russian nails” on NTV;

1997 – author film “The Tale of Envy” in the animation project ORT “Tales of New Russia”;

1998 – Pilots-movies of films “Tim”, “New Russian Beasts”, “Kremlins”;

1999-2001 – Storyboard director on the project CartoonNetwork channel “Mike, Lu and Og”;

2002 – graduated from the School-studio “SHAR”, specializing in “the director of an episode of an animated film”

2002 – the author’s film “Brutal chastooshkas”.
1997 Chasiki.Fixepeps

1997 New Russian animals

1997 Tim

2002 Brutal chastushki

2004 Screensavers for the Animation Project “Mountain of Gems”

2007 Kuygorozh

2010 Teeth, tail and ears

2010 The World of Childhood

2010 Sasha walked on the highway

2007-2009 Animation cycle “Multi-Russia”