Graphic artist, teacher
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, a member of the Media Union of the Guild of Artists-Cartoonists.
A participant and laureate of numerous allied, Russian and international contests and exhibitions of cartoons. Works marked by international juries are in private collections and museums in Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, the USA.
In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute with a degree in Architecture
Evening University at the Union of Journalists of the USSR
Professional activity
After three years of work, the architect went to Polygraphy. He started hoped in Literaturnaya Gazeta.
From 1983-1985. – the main artist of the magazine Rabotnitsa. Since then, he worked in journals in this position: Eros, Misha (1985-1986), Health (1988-1989), Andrei (1991-1992), Makhaon (1992-1993), “Superman” (1993-1994), “New Youth”, “Earth and Heaven”, “Peasant Woman” (1994-1999), “Tobacco Shop”, “Direct Investments” (2002-2004); And in the newspapers: “The Literary Gazette International” (1989-1990), “Independent Newspaper from Russia” (1991), “Autograph”, “Moscow News” (2004-2006), “Our Time” (2006-2007), Russia (2008) ».
Design work with individual magazines and newspapers on the results of the year was marked by international awards and prizes.
As an illustrator, he collaborated with publishing houses: The Children’s Book, The Soviet Writer, Pravda, The Medical Herald, and others.
As an artist-caricaturist from the late 70’s printed in the central periodical.
Pedagogical activity
Since 2013 teaches a caricature and drawing in the School-studio “SHAR”
Since 2014 he works in the School of Illustration and Painting “Brother Fox”